Geeta Jayanti 2020: 25.12.2020!

Shubh Geeta Jayanti!

In Chapter 4, Verse 1 of the Bhagavad Geeta, Bhagawan Shree Krishna says:

‘I taught this imperishable Yoga to Vivasvan(Sun-god), Vivasvan told it to Manu; and Manu spoke it to Ikshvaku.’

Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 4, Verse 1

The Creator taught this immortal message at the time of creation and redelivered the Bhagavad Geeta to Arjuna for the benefit of all of mankind on this day, more than five thousand years ago.

Join us in celebrating the ‘Celestial song of God’ as we offer our gratitude to our Lord for His grace & blessings on all.

Our ongoing 18 day celebration culminates with a full day programme as follows:

Friday, 25th December 2020

9am – 1pm: Full Bhagavad Geeta Havan at Geeta Ashram Malaysia
Host: Jagmohan Bhanot and family

Please strictly observe COVID-19 SOPs

7.30 pm: Live streaming of recitation of Chapter 18 followed with Aarti
Host: Chandru Binwani & family

Jai Shree Krishna. Jai Gurudev.

Durga Stuti Path

Jai Mata Di.

It’s Day 4 of Navratri today! We’ve been mentioning daily that we have been doing the Durga Stuti Path.. but what is the path actually?

Durga Stuti is also known as the Durga Saptashati. It contains 700 verses over 13 chapters, and it describes the glories of Durga Mata and also how to take refuge in Her.

During Navratri, we read not only the path, but also other texts such as the Mahรค Kali Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa and many more which as a whole, makes the prayer complete.

We are sharing here today a pdf version of the full Path, from start to end as how we recite in Geeta Ashram. We would like to thank one of our devotees for sharing this with us. Please feel free to download and share!

mata path 1

May Matarani’s blessings be with all.

Looking forward to seeing everyone to day in lovely red at 2pm!

Jai Mata Di ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Shubh Navratri!

The Geeta Ashram Youth would like to wish each and everyone a very Happy Navratri!

May Matarani bless us with good health, happiness and peace of mind ๐Ÿ™‚

Do join us at Geeta Ashram from 21.09.2017 – 29.09.2017 for daily recitation of the Durga Stuti Pathย from 2.00 pm – 4.30pm.

More details on the daily prayers here.

29.03.2017: Day 2 Praan Pratishta

Our moorthis were brought out today!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Buttttttt… they are currently covered in cloth and we are still unable to see them as yet… Our revered Pandatjis and Acharyaji who have come from India for this auspicious ceremony explained to us the steps of the Praan Pratishta, and it won’t be till the end of the week till the Praan
is placed into the moorthis, and they are placed at the altar.

The morning started with prayers, followed by the Abhishegam of Baby Krishna.

Abhisegam of Baby Krishna


After that, we had the Abhishegam of the miniature versions of our moorthis – and everyone who was present was blessed to be able to perform the Abhishegam

Devotees lining up to perform the abhishegam


Devotees lining up to perform the Abhishegam

We also dedicated a prayer session to our pandatji – Mr. Satyavan Mishraji who has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to Geeta Ashram Malaysia, whose wherabouts, we wish so much, Bhagawan would let us know. We are still actively searching, and praying for his safe return โค

The morning’s events culminated with a Havan where we recited Chapter 12 and 15 of the Bhagavad Geeta, along with other verses.


It was truly a blissful day today and we look forward to the next three days!

We hear we may get to see a little bit of the moorthis tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do join us for this auspicious Praan Pratishta Ceremony!

28.03.2017: Day 1 Praan Pratistha

Jai Shree Krishna. Jai Gurudev.

We had a fantastic opening to this beautiful 5 day long ceremony!

Starting with an obeissance to Ganesh Bhagawan, we then journeyed on to the Kalash Yatra Ceremony and brought in water collected from various temples around Malaysia for the Praan Pratishta.

This was then followed by an Abhishegam of miniature versions of the 5 main moorthis that will be installed on Saturday, culminating with a Havan.

Still no preview of the Moorthis yet, but we are realllllllly excited! We hear they are all in beautiful marble… and oh how we miss our Radha Krishna and yearn to see them! โค

Here are some pictures from today!

Prayers To Ganesh Bhagawan


Kalash Yatra Ceremony – All the ladies carryingย holy water into the Geeta Ashram.


Havan being initiated by the main Yajmaan – the donors of the Moorthis. Everyone else who was present then participated in the Havan.

For more pictures – click here!

4 more days to go – we are hoping for a sneak peak of the moorthis tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look forward to having all of you join us for the next few days!

Holi 2016!

GA Poster 2 img
The Geeta Ashram Youth are all geared up for our next event – Holi 2016! ๐Ÿ™‚

Celebrations this year will be much more exciting with a live sketch, Holika Dahan, story telling and sooo much more! Our itenary will be up in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

We look forward to having all of you join us at Geeta Ashram Malaysia for this auspicious day!

Let us Unite in Prayer.

kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati

Know that, for certain, my devotee never perishes
Bhagavad Geeta: Chapter 9, Verse 31

our thoughts and prayers are with the crew, passengers and all their loved ones of flight MH 370.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations


Join us in ushering in the New Year by chanting the Vishnu Sahasranaam ๐Ÿ™‚

Pooja begins at 10pm till midnight on Dec 31 @ Geeta Ashram Malaysia.ย We will be chanting the glorious thousand names of the Lord and offer a tulsi leaf or a petal to Bhagavan as we chant His name.

What a beautiful and auspicious way to express our gratitude for all His grace in 2013 and to seek His blessings as 2014 begins.

* All devotees are requested to bring a thali, with an oil lamp and enough flowers or tulsi leaves for the pooja.