Thursdays With Ashok

Every Thursday, we at the Geeta Ashram are truly fortunate to have Brother Ashok Berumal give us lessons on the Bhagavad Geeta in English. Brother Ashok is a Geeta devotee who has dedicated much time and effort in sharing his knowledge and understanding with all of us. This time around, as we re-started our lessons all over again, he has kindly allowed us to record his lessons, so that we may share them with anyone around the world who is thirsting for knowledge on this wonderful scripture.

Do enjoy these lessons and please feel free to share them with anyone who is interested 🙂

Thursdays With Ashok

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  5. athiruchelvam
    Jun 09, 2015 @ 08:06:11

    Dear Brother Asok,
    Hari Om.

    Could i kindly seek your assistance to clarify Ch III, V 27?

    It’s our inherent vasanas together with our gunas, which act through the BMI (body+mind+intellect) to perform our daily actions.
    The Self (or the Atman or Consciousness) is only a silent witness and therefore is not responsible for any of the actions.
    Therefore, can i assume that the “little-i” or the body is the “doer” of all actions and the Self has no role?
    If that is so, why is it mentioned in the above verse that man deludes himself to believe that he is the “actor or doer”?

    Thank you.
    “Have a Nice Day”
    Yours sincerely,


  6. ashoklb
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 00:10:56

    Hari Om Bro Athiru, in reply to you question. The vasanas (impressions) are the blueprint for the composition of our 3 GUNAS. The GUNAS act thro the bmc and you also rightly put it that atman is the witness/ consciousness, not responsible for any actions.
    Therefore the little-i is the deluded mind which identifies itself to be the bmc . This identification is called ahamkar ( doer) and this doer gets entangled in all actions and incurs punyam papam.
    The only way to clear this delusion is through jnanam when the mind is cleared of this delusion and identifies with the higher-i , the atman and thus sees all transactions of the bmc as a witness.
    I hope this clarifies your query.


  7. athiruchelvam
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 12:15:36

    Dear Brother Ashok.
    Hari Om.
    Thank you for the fine explanation – much appreciated.

    “Have a Pleasant Day”


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  11. Selvamani Olley
    Jul 24, 2015 @ 04:48:03

    Dear Dr Anjana, Hari Om. I dont know if the others are finding the same, I cannot download Lesson 37. Please can you check to make sure we can all access this lesson. Many Thanks, Selvamani Olley.


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  15. Selvamani Olley
    Sep 17, 2015 @ 13:37:49

    Hari Om Dr Anjana, Lesson 44 and 45 is not online yet, would it be up soon, looking forward to continuing with Chapter 6. Many Thanks, Selvamani.


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  21. Munisamy Muniayan
    Mar 06, 2017 @ 11:17:21

    Dear Sister Dr Anjana, Hari Om.

    May Bagavan bless you for your blessed service.
    I can’t access lesson 89. Would you mind looking into it? I’ve no problems with the other lessons.




  22. Selvamani Olley
    May 27, 2017 @ 00:55:53

    Hard Om Dear Sister Dr Anjana, Chapter 16 Lesson 100, is showing loading but there is no recording to listen to. Please can you kindly have a look. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem. Kind regards, Selvamani.


  23. Jesotha Balachandran
    Jan 15, 2018 @ 13:30:35


    Are the classes still on? Can we still join as we like or wait for a new session to join?


    • Geeta Ashram Youth
      Jan 16, 2018 @ 11:49:44

      Hari Aum 🙏🏻
      we are currently having classes at 2 locations:
      1. Brickfields Asia College @ Brickfields every Saturday – this is ongoing and started in December

      2. Geeta Ashram PJ – ongoing chap 18 but we will be starting new classes on 22/02/2018 starting with Chap 1..
      Do let us know if you would like to join the new classes starting 22/02/2018 and I will give you further details on registration 🙂


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