Aum Shanti.

Treasurer and Financial Controller, Geeta Ashram Headquarters.
Divine souls,
Jai Sri Krishna Jai Gurudev.
I just got the news of the sad passing of our Spiritual Head of Geeta Ashrams worldwide and of Geeta Dham, His Holiness Swami Brahmanand Ji Maharaj,
May his soul rest at the divine Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Krishna and Rev Gurudev Bhagwan.
Let us all pray and recite the Geeta so that he has a gentle sailing towards the heavenly abode.
Yours, in the service of Guru, Geeta and Gopal,
Guruma, Treasurer/Financial Controller, Geeta Ashram Headquarters.

Swami Brahmanandji Maharaj

Swamiji with Guruma

Sanatana Dharma & Hari Katha 

You are invited to a spiritual discourse by Prabhu Yagneswar Das’s guruji,   His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Bibudha Goswami Maharaj as follows:

Date : 16th June 2017

Day  : Friday

Time : 7.30 pm onwards

Venue: Geeta Ashram Malaysia

The programme will conclude with Dinner.

Organised by Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math. (Contact: Kajol Chaudry. H/p:+60166456140)


Sunday Satsang 11am – 1pm

Jai Shree Krishna. 

Do join us for our Sunday morning Satsang today. 

At Last Sunday’s Satsang, Prabhu Yagneshwar enchanted us with sweet little stories of Krishna.

Today, June 11th, he continues this lovely discourse on the *Bhagwad Geeta Chapter 7, verses 8 – 14*, sweet lilas of Krishna followed with Q&A.

Join us and be charmed with our sweet Lord’s lilas.

JSK 🙏🏻


Bhajans – a divine connection

Bhajans by Saranya Naidu

Bhajan – Praises of the Lord. Singing His loving and graceful name in different tunes and melodies. Bhajan – words that seep through your lips with utmost love and devotion. 

From a very young age, the connection that I had with Bhajans was extremely strong. It started off with strings that connected my heart to each beat and vocal chord of the singer. As I grew older that string grew thicker and thicker. 

Older youths would give me the encouraging hand to sit in the front and pour my heart of love with words and tunes to the lotus feet of the Lord. But I always held back, never took that step forward because I believed that I did not have a voice as good as what is expected and achieved. 

Nevertheless, it was much later when I realized that it is not the sound that comes out of your mouth but how it comes out of your mouth. Do you say the Lord’s name with love, kindness, devotion? Do you sing with your mind focused on Him and only Him? Well that is what Bhajans is all about. Strengthening your connection with Him.

Looking forward to the 9th Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra tonight!

My Favourite Bhajan

My Favourite Bhajan
by Tanusha Sharma 

As the annual Bhajan Yatra is just around the corner, a wave of nostalgia hits me as I remember singing as a child and having a good time during these yatras. The soulful music sung by devotees accompanied by musical instruments such as the harmonium and the tabla, add exuberance to the atmosphere and definitely makes the night a memorable one. As a child, I would have a list of bhajans in my head that I loved and wanted to sing during Bhajan Yatra. I would mentally check off the songs in the list and also feel a little disappointed (a lot) when other aunties and uncles would sing them before I did. But there was always one bhajan that the adults would not sing, and was always given to the kids to do so. It is called “Hey Nanda Nanda Gopal”. I remember the times when Aunty Asha asked me to lead the bhajan and over the years it became an unspoken rule that the children would sing “Hey Nanda Nanda Gopal” during the Bhajan Yatra. The little devil in me back then would let out an evil laugh knowing that no one else would be able to sing this bhajan during yatras. Thank you Aunty Asha! Soon enough, “Hey Nanda Nanda Gopal” became my favourite bhajan that I’ve kept close to my heart (and also head since it only has 3 lines). This bhajan repeats Bhagawan’s name in an upbeat and melodious tune. Every time I hum it, I relive the moments of my childhood in Geeta Ashram, where I would be singing my heart out with the biggest smile on my face, forgetting everything that’s going on, just being happy and connecting with Bhagawan. Then reality (more like my mother) hits me when I don’t sing well and I’m left wondering whether anyone turned deaf! Thankfully, there was always a Bhajan Yatra the following year to improve!


We would like to welcome each and everyone to our annual Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra on the 10th June 2017, 5.30pm @ Geeta Ashram Malaysia

Tuesday Programme: Hanuman Chalisa 

Jai Shree Krishna.
Tomorrow, 6th June 2017 – Tuesday

Friendly reminder 

At Geeta Ashram.

7.00 pm Sandhya Aarthi
7.30 pm Guru Vandhana followed by Chapter 12

7.45 pm Continuous recitation of Hanuman Chalisa 

8.15 pm Aarthi/Prasad 

Hosted by:

Dr Hematram Yadav and family.
Prithi bhojan (dinner) will be served.


Jai Shree Krishna