Day 1: Geeta Jayanti Celebrations

Day 1 – 13.11.2017

With Bhagawan’s grace, we had a lovely start to Geeta Jayanti yesterday! The event was graced by His Excellency Shri T.S Tirumurti, the Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia who lit the Kuttuvelak marking the beginning of these splendid 18 days.

More than 70 Devotees came together to recite Chapter One and to listen to the discourse by Prof. Dr Suresh Govind. We were both entertained and enlightened listening to the wisdom shared by Dr Suresh!

Here are some pictures from yesterday!

Our children leading the recitation of Chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Geeta

His Excellency HS Tirumurti lighting the Kuttuvelak

His Excellency with part of the Management Committee and Panditji

Prof Dr Suresh Govind delivering his discourse on Chapter One

We had a wonderful time yesterday and we look forward to the next 17 days!

Today, Chapter two will be hosted by Mr Hans Raj and family. We will be graced by Swami Bramajnananandaji from Divine Life Society who will be giving a discourse on Chapter 2.

Looking forward to having everyone with us today!

Geeta Jayanti 2017.

Geeta Jayanti celebrations in Geeta Ashram Malaysia have begun!

We would like to invite everyone to join us for these 18 auspicious days!

Geeta Jayanti 2016

Geeta Jayanti 2016


Geeta Jayanti Celebrations


Geeta Jayanti celebrated today with a beautiful full Geeta Havan at the ashram!
Shubh Geeta Jayanti to all from the youth!

Jai Shree Krishna!

Sacred Thought – December issue out!

Sacred Thought - Dec 2013

Sacred Thought – Dec 2013

Do check out the Geeta Jayanti issue of Sacred Thought right here!

This month’s issue is filled with many interesting articles and interactive activities – one is sure to be spiritually enlightened! Enjoy!

Geeta Jayanti Celebrations

Geeta Jayanti Celebrations

26th November to 13th December 2013 @ Geeta Ashram Malaysia


“sarvopanishado gavo, dogdha gopala nandana, partho vatsah sudhir bhokta, dugdam geetamartam mahat”

All the Upanishads are cows, the milker is Krishna the cowherd Boy, Partha (Arjuna) is the calf, men of intellect are the drinkers, the milk is the supreme nectar of the Geeta

Geeta Jayanti is the birthday of the Bhagavad Geeta – the day Lord Krishna gave this immortal message to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This year, Geeta Jayanti falls on 13th December 2013. 

Every year, Geeta Ashram Malaysia celebrates Geeta Jayanti by having an 18 – day programme, with one chapter of the Geeta being recited every day, followed by a discourse on that chapter. 

During this time of the year, the youth help out by ensuring that the Geeta verses and lyrics to the bhajans and aartis are up on the projector so that every devotee is able to follow the satsang. Our younger children take turns to lead in the recitation of chapter 12 and also of our Krishna Aarti at the end of the satsang. Additionally, older children of the ashram also participate by giving the discourse on a particular chapter for some of the days. 

Do join us for Janmashtmi this year at GA Malaysia @ Petaling Jaya!

Satsangs are held 7pm – 9pm followed by dinner every day,
Except Sundays 11am – 1pm followed by lunch. 

For more information on our Geeta Jayanti Celebrations, click here!