Happy Dusshera!

Jai Mata Di! 

The Geeta Ashram Youth would like to wish a very Happy Dusshera to one and all!

May Matarani’s blessings be on all of you 🙂

With the grace of Matarani, we successfully completed 9 days of the Durga Stuti Path at Geeta Ashram Malaysia 🙂 Here are some pictures from yesterday’s final day of the Durga Stuti Path!



We would like to say a big Thank You to Mrs Rita Verma and Mrs Kiran Agarwal for organising and making this path a success. It was truly amazing to be apart of these positive vibrations in Geeta Ashram throughout this 9 days. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the hosts for all the 9 days. Also, to each and everyone for their support and presence. May Matarani’s blessing be upon all of you 🙂

Maha Navratri Mahotsav 2017

Maha Navratri Mahotsav

The nine auspicious days of Navratri will begin from 21.09.2017 – 29.09.2017.

Navratri (“nine nights”) is a festival celebrating the manifestation of Goddess Durga in nine different avatars.

Navratri is celebrated with much devotion, and we at the Geeta Ashram Malaysia will be hosting a Durga Stuti Path daily from 21.09.2017 – 29.09.2017 from 2.00pm – 4.30pm. 


Hosts for Durga Stuti Path are as follows:

21.09.2017 (Thursday): Mr & Mrs Ramesh Verma

22.09.2017 (Friday): Mr & Mrs Darshan (Klang)

23.09.2017 (Saturday): Smt. Eva Chaudry

24.09.2017 (Sunday): Subang Behnas

25.09.2017 (Monday): Mdm Krishna Pyari & Family

26.09.2017 (Tuesday): Mr & Mrs Tilak Raj Sharma

27.09.2017 (Wednesday): Mrs Shakuntla

28.09.2017 (Thursday): Mr & Mrs Prabhat

29.09.2017 (Friday): Drs Vijay & Bina Soni

we would like to invite each and every one to join us for this auspicious 9 day celebration!

Shubh Janmashtmi!

The Geeta Ashram Youth would like to wish each and everyone A very Happy Janmasthmi!!!!!!

May Bhagawan Shree Krishna's grace be upon us always!

To see Bhagawanji looking absolutely stunning – do come and join us tonight!

Janmashtmi 2017 – 1 day to go!

It’s less that 24 hours away to Janmashtmi and we are just absolutely thrilled and excited!!!

Here’s a behind the scenes montage – a preview of what’s in store tomorrow!!


Looking forward to seeing everyone at Geeta Ashram tomorrow!

Click here for our Janmasthmi Programme


Janmashtmi 2017 – 2 days to go!

Memories of Janmashtmi

by Namita Soni

Krishna Janmashtami or commonly known as Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival in the name of Lord Krishna’s birth. In simple words, it’s a birthday celebration! It is observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Shravana. Krishna was born in an era of chaos, persecution was rampant, freedom was denied, evil was everywhere. Bhagavan coming in the form of Krishna, was a sign of a new hope. All around the world, people put up dance-drama enactments of the life of Shree Krishna and there is always devotional singing right until midnight – the time that Shree Krishna is born.

Our Ashram is no exception.

I have been attending Geeta classes since I was nine years old. The reason being? I wanted to act and dance! When I first went to the Ashram about ten years ago and I saw the skits and performances put up for Janmashtami, I wanted to be a part of it. I was not aware of the significance of this holy celebration at that time. All I wanted to do was to participate because to me it looked fun! So when my mother enrolled me, I was anxious to contribute to the next performance. Of course, over the years, I did learn the essence behind the festival we celebrate every year and now the excitement stems from more than just the thrill of the performance. It’s the very idea as to why I am doing it and with whom. To be able to contribute and partake in such a beautiful and holy celebration with very important people to me. Janmastami, for me, I believe, brings out the best in everyone.

Throwback to Janmashtmi 2012; I’m the one in the orange lengha right at the corner!


We work together as a team, pouring in our efforts to put up a show worth remembering, year after year. I’ve known the children – now adults – at the Ashram as family, some of them being with me for close to a decade or even more. It’s such a joy to share one of the greatest nights of my life every year with my friends and family. We’ve all watched one another grow to become the people we are today, moulded and shaped by the lessons we learn in our classes taught by dedicated teachers which are eventually used in our teenage skits. This is a wonderful way of imbibing the Geeta verses we learn in our classes! Janmashtami is the one night none of us ever forgets and this year will be another achievement to add to our growing list. 

With Janmashtami two days away, I wish everyone a happy one and do hope to see many faces there at our Geeta Ashram!

More on our Janmashtmi programme here.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan: A yearly Hindu tradition

By Trived Soni

I am the only son in my family. I grew up with two sisters. Together we were the three musketeers, going through thick and thin. Most of the time we would enjoy each others company. Occasionally, we prefer keeping to ourselves, as we have different interests or even due to small arguments. As we grow older, we find our own individual paths and are busy chasing our personal dreams. We get separated and although sometimes I am not with them physically, I always know that my sisters have my back, and I have theirs. Likewise, for them.

In a typical Hindu family, once every year, brothers and sisters will be brought together to celebrate this festival. The sister would tie a knot around the brother’s wrist while wishing good health, happiness and goodwill. In return, the brother would promise to take good care and look out for them in any circumstance. After which, the sister would feed a sweet to her brother and he would give her a small monetary gift of appreciation. Growing up, I saw it nothing more than a tradition to follow annually and was naïve to the significance of Raksha Bandhan.

However, as time goes by and one begins to mature, curiosity and questions arise as to why things are done in such a way. Raksha Bandan in its name simply means the ‘bond of protection. It is celebrated on the full moon in the month of Sravana (Shravan Purnima). On this auspicious day, the whole family would get together to celebrate the sacred relation of a brother and a sister. Today, this tradition has gone beyond the siblings’ relationship, and is undertaken between neighbours, close friends, leaders and even army soldiers. This is to promote the feeling of unity and a commitment to all members of society to protect each other and encourage a harmonious social life.

The knot tied is referred to as a ‘Rakhi’ which significance can be derived from many ancient stories. The most common comes from the well-known Sanskrit epic from India, Mahabaratha. According to the epic, one morning, when Lord Krishna was flying a kite, he cut his finger by accident. Draupadi, who was nearby, saw him bleeding profusely and ran to him. She then tore a piece from her sari and tied it around his finger. Lord Krishna was so touched that in return he promised to protect her from all evil, forever. And he did protect her all along, especially during her ‘cheerharan’ by the Kauravas.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is well thought of and is the only ceremony that celebrates the essence of the brother-sister relationship. In this day and age, everyone is busy with their personal affairs, studies and work and tend to brush of these small occasions or even a chance to spend some time together as a family. With the knowledge I have shared above, I hope brothers and sisters can make time to appreciate this strong life-long bond between them when tying the knot on this special day.

On behalf of the Geeta Ashram Youth, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra 2017

It’s the time of the year for our annual Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra! 🙂

This year, we are truly looking forward to have a wonderful celebration in our new prayer hall.
Do join us in a mesmerising night singing melodious bhajans glorifying Radha Krishna!


Save the Date!

More details coming your way soon….

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