Maha Navratri Puja 2018: 3 days to go!

Jai Mata Di.

The reading of Durga Stuti is part of Navratri celebrations in honor of Divine Mother Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is the power expressed through all the gods, united in her – the source of righteousness and all worlds!

Join us during these auspicious 9 days of Navratri:

Day 1: 10/10 Wednesday

Sharma Parivaar.

Day 2: 11/10 Thursday

Geeta Ashram Sisters

Day 3: 12/10 Friday

Mdm.Kamla Jethi & family.

Day 4: 13/10 Saturday

Subang Sisters

Day 5: 14/10 Sunday

Klang Group

Day 6: 15/10 Monday

Shakuntala & Rajinder

Day 7: 16/10 Tuesday

Ramesh & Rita Verma

Day 8: 17/10 Wednesdvay

Mrs. Sangita & family

Day 9: 18/10 Thursday

Mrs. Sushma Sharma & family

For more information please call Kiran Agarwal at +60129160224.

🙏🏻Jai Durga Mata🙏🏻


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