Quote of the Day

“Let the light of the Geeta ever shine in the eyes of our youth”

~ Swami Hari Harji Maharaj

Shubh Ram Navami

The Geeta Ashram Youth would like to wish each and every one a very Happy Ram Navami 🙂 May Lord Rama shower his blessings upon us always 🙂


Do enjoy our article below, written by our youth – Vithal Narula, extolling the glories of Lord Rama, inspiring us to be better people 🙂

Ram Navami is the birthday of Lord Rama, which falls on the 9th day of the month of Chaitra. It is the day when Lord Vishnu was born as the elder son of Dasaratha, the King of Ayodhya. The purpose of His reincarnation was for the destruction of Ravana. Lord Rama was the prince of the Ikshvaku race. He was virtuous and of manly strength. He was the lord of the mind and the senses. Brava and valiant, He was yet gentle and modest. He was a sage in counsel, kind and sweet in speech, and most courteous and handsome in appearance. He was the master of all the divine weapons, and a great warrior. Ever devoted to the good and prosperity of His kingdom and His subjects, He was a defender of the weak and the protector of the righteous. Endowed with numerous wondrous powers of the mind, He was well versed in all sciences – in military science as well as the science of the Self.

Deep and unfathomed like the ocean, firm and steadfast like the Himalayan mountains, valiant like Lord Vishnu, He was the joy of Kaushalya. Though fierce like fire on the battlefield, He was calm like the cool breeze of the Mandara Hills, patient like Mother Earth, bounteous like the god of wealth and righteous like the lord of juctice himself. In the pains and griefs of His people, His heart swiftly sympathised with the sufferers. In the festive scenes which held them in joy, He like a father, shared their joys. By His honour and heroism, as well as by His gentleness and love for His subjects, He greatly endeared Himself to the hearts of His people. Such a great person was Lord Rama!

Though Ram Navami is a major festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, it is widely celebrated by the worshippers of Lord Shiva, too. It is considered auspicious to undertake a fast on the day of Ram Navami, in the name of Rama. The objective of the fast is not to ask for special favours of the deity, but to seek perfection as a human being.

Lord Rama’s primary message is: fulfill your duty without any selfish motives. When he was exiled to the forest, Lord Rama did not complain “but that’s not fair”. He did not fight back in anger. Rather, he helped His father fulfill a promise; He lived according to His duty as a son and as a future king. He did not once think about himself, His own comforts, His own “rights”. Rather, he abided by His dharma and His duty.

Ravana’s ego led to his own demise, first the demise of his spirit and heart, then the demise of his body. he thought he was the one who ran everything. He thought that he was the ‘doer’ of it all. On the other hand, Lord Rama, was always humble, and he never took credit for anything. Even after he victoriously slew Ravana, he reported it to Sita only as, “and this is where Ravana died.”

As we celebrate this holiday, we revel in Lord Rama’s birth, let us ask ourselves, “Has the Rama taken birth inside us? Has the good in our hearts taken birth?” Ram Navami is not only a holiday about Lord Rama. It is a holy day, about examining ourselves. Life is so short. We know when the end will come. For how long do we want to let Ravana live in us? For how long do we want to be controlled by Ravana? We must give birth today to Lord Rama in our hearts.

Jai Shree Ram. Shubh Ram Navami.

Happy Teachers’ Day! :D

He who teaches us anything which we knew not

before is undoubtedly to be revered as a master.

                                                          – Samuel Johnson

The Geeta Ashram Youth would like to wish all our teachers a very, very Happy Teachers’ Day! 🙂

We have had many teachers dedicated to teaching us the Bhagavad Geeta.

Our eternal gratitude to Bhagavan Sri Krishna for gifting us the beautiful Bhagavad Geeta – our strength, our answers to life.

Our Guru Swami Hari Harji Maharaj, who made it his sole aim to spread the profound message of the Geeta and for giving us the Geeta Ashram in Malaysia – our hub for knowledge, our home, our family. To Guruma Geeteshwariji, who continues to keep our Guruji’s dream alive.

To all our teachers in Geeta Ashram who continue to inspire us to be better people.

To Aunty Datin Leela Menon and Aunty Shanta Menon, who pioneered our Sunday Classes, where would we be without you?
Our special thanks to Aunty Asha and Uncle Chandru, our current Sunday Class Teachers – who have been hosting our classes for years now. Their dedication knows no bounds as they fulfil the aspirations of our Guruji 🙂

This poem is dedicated to all teachers everywhere :

Thank you, dear teachers, for opening our eyes
to the Bhagavad Geeta,
Life’s most precious prize.

Thank you special teachers, for opening our minds
to Bhagwan Sri Krishna,
And for the answers you help us find.

Thank you cherished teachers, for opening our hearts
to eternal life through prayer,
And for the precious lessons you impart.


Hello 2014 :D

Alas, we say goodbye to 2013 to welcome an incredible 2014 – a new year and a chance for a fresh, new beginning. As we celebrate the dawn of this New Year, the Geeta Ashram Youth would like to extend our warmest wishes to you all. 2013 has hosted some wonderful moments for the Ashram – the annual Janmashtmi celebrations, the Geeta Ashram Art Competition, our Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra, weekly Geeta classes and the list goes on.

Time is indeed of the essence, so let us not waste any of it. Let’s embrace a 2014 where time is spent on philanthropy & reflection, identifying the peaks & troughs of our days and internalizing lessons learnt. Let’s liberate ourselves from the unnecessary concerns and fears that bind us down and allow the Lord to guide us as we negotiate life’s crevices.

Let’s live a life with Bhagawan and for Bhagawan.

We’ve got 365 days left to change our world for the better this year. Let’s go!