Hello 2014 :D

Alas, we say goodbye to 2013 to welcome an incredible 2014 – a new year and a chance for a fresh, new beginning. As we celebrate the dawn of this New Year, the Geeta Ashram Youth would like to extend our warmest wishes to you all. 2013 has hosted some wonderful moments for the Ashram – the annual Janmashtmi celebrations, the Geeta Ashram Art Competition, our Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra, weekly Geeta classes and the list goes on.

Time is indeed of the essence, so let us not waste any of it. Let’s embrace a 2014 where time is spent on philanthropy & reflection, identifying the peaks & troughs of our days and internalizing lessons learnt. Let’s liberate ourselves from the unnecessary concerns and fears that bind us down and allow the Lord to guide us as we negotiate life’s crevices.

Let’s live a life with Bhagawan and for Bhagawan.

We’ve got 365 days left to change our world for the better this year. Let’s go!

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