Thursdays With Ashok – 2018 classes begin!

Jai Shree Krishna. Jai Gurudev.

Today we began with the introductory Bhagavad Geeta Class for 2018 at Geeta Ashram Malaysia, and we are truly humbled by the turnout!

Here’s to embarking on a beautiful spiritual journey together with Bro Ashok!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next class!

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  1. Manan Arora
    May 30, 2018 @ 01:51:39

    Hi..Could you please let me know the class schedule. I would like to attend. Thanks !


    • Geeta Ashram Youth
      May 30, 2018 @ 01:58:58

      Hari Aum ๐Ÿ™‚ thatโ€™s great. You are more than welcome to join us. Classes are currently being held in two venues :

      1. Every Thursday @ Geeta Ashram Malaysia , Petaling Jaya from 7.30pm – 8.45pm. They are currently at Ch 2 or Ch 3 at the moment.

      2. Every Saturday at Brickfields Asia College, Jln Vivekananda, Brickfields froM 4.30pm to 6.00pm. These classes are significantly ahead compared to the Thursday ones ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope to see you there!


  2. Manan Arora
    May 30, 2018 @ 02:24:11

    Thank you very much for the quick response. Could you please let me know if there is anything planned for Sundays. I remember reading something on the notice board at the Ashram for an event on Sundays.


    • Geeta Ashram Youth
      May 30, 2018 @ 02:36:46

      Yes, every Sunday we have Satsang from 11.00 am to 1.00pm followed by lunch. During satsang we recite 7 verses from the Bhagavad Geeta, followed by a discourse/explanation on the verses. This is then followed by bhajans, meditation, child speaker (5 mins) and then Aarti, with lunch thereafter.


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