Shrimad Bhagavad PuranKatha Saptaham: Day 6 today!

Oh, how mesmerized we were yesterday evening, transported to Vrindavan, listening to the beautiful stories of Lord Krishna. Join us today, for more Krishna Leelas!


This river Kalindi, this mountain Goverdhan, these forests, these cows, the sound of the flute, all are associated with Krishna……….the tiny marks of his feet in Brindavan will never allow us to forget him .”
Canto 10, Chapter 47, v 49 – 50.

Pavan Moti Sharma & family look forward to your presence on this 6th day of Shrimad Bhagavad Puran Katha Saptaham which commenced on June 20th and will conclude on 26th 2018(daily).

TIME: 5pm to 9pm.(except 26th, Tuesday, commences at 4.30pm)

Prabhu Yagneshwar will continue enchanting us with the leelas of Shri Krishna from Canto 10.

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