Memories with Swamiji

Memories with Swamiji by Vimal Shankar 

My memory of swamiji is rather vague as he passed on when I was five. But one memory I have is how he drank cow’s milk every morning . His cup had a lot of ‘melahi’ and I remember always being astonished at how he could drink it with such ease. I say this because at that time almost everyone I knew (including myself) had an aversion to it! Also when I first saw swamiji I was slightly intimidated by his appearance, but then after being around him for a while, getting to know him better, and feeling his love, I looked forward to having him around. He spoke very warmly to a lot of people who came to see him. I was too young to remember the exact details but what I do remember was that he was very good at reassuring people that things will be ok. My mum, for one, would always be more certain and uplifted after visiting him. Though it’s been sometime since swamiji passed on, his memory still looms large thanks to my aunts & mum always recollecting things he would do & say. All in all, I consider myself blessed to have been in His presence .

Do join us in celebrating Guru Purnima tomorrow at Geeta Ashram Malaysia!

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