Aum Shanti.

Treasurer and Financial Controller, Geeta Ashram Headquarters.
Divine souls,
Jai Sri Krishna Jai Gurudev.
I just got the news of the sad passing of our Spiritual Head of Geeta Ashrams worldwide and of Geeta Dham, His Holiness Swami Brahmanand Ji Maharaj,
May his soul rest at the divine Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Krishna and Rev Gurudev Bhagwan.
Let us all pray and recite the Geeta so that he has a gentle sailing towards the heavenly abode.
Yours, in the service of Guru, Geeta and Gopal,
Guruma, Treasurer/Financial Controller, Geeta Ashram Headquarters.

Swami Brahmanandji Maharaj

Swamiji with Guruma

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