Bhajans – a divine connection

Bhajans by Saranya Naidu

Bhajan – Praises of the Lord. Singing His loving and graceful name in different tunes and melodies. Bhajan – words that seep through your lips with utmost love and devotion. 

From a very young age, the connection that I had with Bhajans was extremely strong. It started off with strings that connected my heart to each beat and vocal chord of the singer. As I grew older that string grew thicker and thicker. 

Older youths would give me the encouraging hand to sit in the front and pour my heart of love with words and tunes to the lotus feet of the Lord. But I always held back, never took that step forward because I believed that I did not have a voice as good as what is expected and achieved. 

Nevertheless, it was much later when I realized that it is not the sound that comes out of your mouth but how it comes out of your mouth. Do you say the Lord’s name with love, kindness, devotion? Do you sing with your mind focused on Him and only Him? Well that is what Bhajans is all about. Strengthening your connection with Him.

Looking forward to the 9th Radha Krishna Bhajan Yatra tonight!

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