Happy Teachers’ Day!

Happy Teachers’ Day!  By Saranya Naidu


The only word that comes up in my head when I think about a teacher. A teacher is someone who touches our lives and instills knowledge in the head of the mundane. One who adds colours and brightens up the world for a student. They impart
knowledge that guides us through the bumpy road of life. They are the captain of a student’s ship. Yes they allow the waves of obstacles to hit the ship but never allows that ship to sink. Teachers and Gurus are the people we spend most of our lives with. It’s fair to say that they are our second parents. They come to class everyday, rain or shine to nurture the fawns who one day will majestically lead the world in goodness. A day dedicated to them is not enough as that is not what they want. For the heart of a teacher yearns for the success of their student. How selfless can one be? Wanting their students success.
I can never repay all my Teachers and Gurus for the support, encouragement and love that they have showered me in.

May Bhagavan bless their beautiful soul. 
Happy Teachers’ Day!

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