Ashok’s Bhagavad Geeta Retreat 2016: a reflection


I had arrived early for Ashok’s Retreat. Standing alone, facing the beach, the refreshing sea breeze, the enchanting turquoise water and the sparkling reflections of the sun on the water made me go back in time………. 5,000 years ago to recollect the 1st verse of the Geeta. All 33 of us, assembled on this sacred field of Port Dickson! I knew this sovereign secret expounded the constant conflict of good over the bad in me. With hope, I headed back for Ashok’s lectures.

The 3 days were filled with plenty of love, fun, joy, laughter, fellowship, sravanam, mananam, discussions with like-minded friends, yoga, quiz, games and good food.

I returned to the exact beach spot where I stood before the Retreat on that breezy sunny Sunday morning. I flipped the pages to the last verse of the Geeta. ‘Wherever there is Krsna, the Lord of Yoga and Partha, the archer, assured is there prosperity, victory, glory and sound policy; this is my conviction’

 How true I thought to myself, reflecting on the 3 days with Ashok.


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