Geeta Jayanti 2016

Jai Shree Krishna.

Our Geeta Jayanti celebrations so far have been truly wonderful and enlightening! We can’t believe that it’s almost coming to an end!

For those who have yet to come, there’s still some precious days left! 

The Updated Programme details are as below:

Thur./ 8th Dec : Chapter 16

Host : Thurs. & Sat. Geeta Class

Speaker: Dr. Suresh Govind from Sathya Sai Centre

Fri. / 9th Dec. : Chapter 17

Host: Sita Shukla & Family

Speaker: Sri Devanshu Goswami ji Maharaj from Brindavan

Sat. / 10th Dec. : Chapter 18

i) Geeta Havan

Host : Gupt

ii) Night

Host: Dr. Darshan Kumar & Family

Speaker: Pummy Sharma

On Geeta Jayanti day, Saturday, 10th December, a Havan (with complete recitation of all 700 slokas of the Geeta), will also be conducted from 9 am to 1 pm. This will be followed by the evening programme from 7 to 9 pm where devotees will recite Chapter 18, the concluding chapter of the Geeta, accompanied with the commentary on the chapter.
We are also pleased to inform that our lift is currently operational for the convenience of our elderly devotees.
We look forward to having everyone join us these last few days! 

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