Upcoming Holi and Maharaji’s Birthday Celebrations

We will be celebrating Holi in conjunction with the 117th birthday of our beloved Guru Maharaj Ji

Thursday, 5th March 2015        

9.00 am to 1.00pm
1st Quarterly Havan in conjunction with Faalgun Purnima

Evening Programme:

7.30pm      Lighting of Holi fire/ circumambulation
7.45pm       Guru Vandana, Recitation of Chapter 12 with samput verse Geeta Aarti

8.00pm      Personalized Guru Pooja, obeisance & Gurudakshina* with simultaneous  bhajans/chanting
8.45p.m.     Announcements / Aarti
9.00p.m.     Preeti  Bhojan

* A traditional, humble token / love offering from a grateful shishya (student) for the precious gift of having a Guru’s presence & blessings in his life.   Such contributions are channeled towards the Guru’s cause.

Please do join us with family and friends this Thursday @ Geeta Ashram Malaysia



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