HOLI and Maharaji’s 116th Birthday Celebrations!


Join us in celebrating HOLI and Swami Hari Harji’s 116th Birthday! 🙂

Swami Hari Harji

Our programme tomorrow is as follows:

9.30 am to 1 pm –  Full Bhagavad Geeta Havan

7.00p.m.     Bhajans
7.30p.m.     Lighting of Holi fire / circumambulation
7.45p.m.     Guru Vandana, Recitation of Chapter 12 with samput verse, Geeta Aarti
8.00p.m.    Personalized Guru Pooja, obeisance & offering* with simultaneous bhajans / chanting
                    Children’s Programme  (Diya offering to Swamiji, Bhajan Singing and a short skit on Holi)
8.45p.m     Announcements / Final Aarti
9.00p.m.    Preeti Bhojan

 * A traditional, humble token / love offering from a grateful shishya (student) for the precious gift of having a Guru’s presence & blessings in his life. Contributions are channeled towards the Guru’s cause.

Our children are all geared up for tomorrow’s event! 🙂 

Look forward to everyone joining us in the celebrations! 🙂

Jai Shree Krishna. 
Jai Gurudev. 

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