Charity Bake Sale


Ginger Cookies

The G.A youth have been actively selling home made, eggless cookies in bottles during Geeta Jayanti.

A big THANK YOU to so many of you who have been so kind to buy our freshly made cookies for charity! We do hope that you enjoy them very much! 

As there are still 9 days left to Geeta Jayanti, we will still be selling the cookies on a daily basis – so for those of you who haven’t tried them yet, do stop by our little stall and have a sample..

Our cookie sales don’t just happen in the ashram though – EVERYONE is more than welcome to try our cookies! The more the merrier! With christmas around the corner, we are more than happy to take orders for cookies and arrange for them to be given to you! Why not indulge while doing some charity at the same time? Cookies are priced at RM 17/bottle – we have ginger cookies (our top seller!), chocolate chip cookies (a huge favourite), yummy almond cookies, oat cookies, and raisin cookies. ALL cookies are home made! All profits will be channeled to the Geeta Ashram Building fund. Drop us an email if you have any queries/would like to order –

Thank You!


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