Bhagavad Geeta & Mahabharata Championships 2014

The Bhagavad Geeta and Mahabharata Championships 2014 were held on the 5th April 2014 at Geeta Ashram Malaysia.


The Geeta Ashram Youth are grateful to Bhagavan for the blessings showered in making the event such a smooth and successful one. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for making this event such a huge success:

  • The Management Committee, Geeta Ashram Malaysia
    – Thank you for your endless support, sound advice, blessings and well wishes during our journey in planning this event.
  • Our Sponsors
    – First Ray, Uncle Sreennivasan and the various anonymous cash donations – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  • All the TEACHERS
    – for your commitment in teaching the Bhagavad Geeta and Mahabharata to children everywhere around the country. May Bhagavan continue to shower his blessings on each and every one of you.
    – Thank you for making this happen! Thank you for your commitment and time! We do hope that you had a great time during the event, and most of all – KUDOS to all of you for being able to recite the Geeta!! 🙂
  • Our Judges
    – Thank you for your support, for being such wonderful and just judges!
    – Aunty Pummy, for being the best emcee ever!
    – Aunty Asha, Aunty Usha and Aunty Hoori for manning the registration table, for being everywhere!
    – Aunty Vanita for the beautifully decorated altar
    – Aunty Sodesh and Aunty Thilla for ensuring a smooth flow in the dining hall
    – Aman Bhanot – for being the man right in front, ensuring the car flow was perfect!
    – Riekesh Belani – for being our shoe man and cleanliness master!
    – Taanusha for being our promoter and salesgirl!
    – Harmeet Saini, Payal Sadhwani and Aunty Punitha for being our group managers
    – Vimal Shankar – for being the man behind our screen! There would be have been no show with you 😉
    – Aunty Bhavani – for being our timekeeper!
    – Hari Shankar – for being our “do it all” guy! Thank you for being our timekeeper, converter, IT guy etc etc!
    – Rohit Agarwal – for the beautiful photos!

We would also like to CONGRATULATE all the winners of the competition!

Bhagavad Geeta Competition – Group 1
1st Prize – Vinoshini Pregalathan
2nd Prize – Navaneddan Poneeswaran
3rd Prize – Sarveshiny

– Sreenithi
– Yogindran Selvam
– Tanishka
– Hansini Rajani Naidu
– Kashwint S.

Bhagavad Geeta Competition – Group 2
1st Prize – Trisha Bhatacharya
2nd Prize – Shobna Sai Ledchumanan
3rd Prize – Suvashwini Vickineswaran

– O. Yaswanti
– Shusmita a/p Rajiv Kumar
– Suhashrii Batumalai
– Naveen Paremesivam
– Tanvi Kadakol

Bhagavad Geeta Competition – Group 3
1st Prize – Janani Venkitesh
2nd Prize – Tanusha Sharma Rajee
3rd Prize – Divya Taery

– Mahaen Rajendran
– Nidhi Kadakol
– Namita Soni
– Piya Raj Sukhani
– Hirresh Sai Suria

Mahabharata Championship

CHAMPION: Team Agni (Tanusha Sharma Rajee, Dhruv Soni and Piryasheini Vijaya Kumar)
1st Runner up: Team Sai Spirit (Shobna Sai Letchumenan, Suvashwinhi Vikineswaran and Sushmitha a/p Rajev Kumar)
2nd Runner up: Team Cool Pandavas (Keran Raj, Hirresh Sai Suria and Nareen Ponneeswaran)


For those of you who could not be with us, or would like to reminisce the wonderful time you had, feel free to browse through our photos and watch our videos!

Our Opening Ceremony Video:

Our Event Video:

Our Photos (Thank You, Rohit Agarwal):

For those of you who have taken photos and videos of the event, please do share them with us! Do send us an email so that we may add it to our collection! We also look forward to any feedback regarding the competition and ideas as to how we can make it a better one next year! 🙂

Thank you once again for all your support! We would like to apologise for any shortcomings/misunderstandings during the event. We look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

Jai Shree Krishna.
Jai Gurudev.

In Service of Guru, Geeta and Gopal,

ga youth committee

The Geeta Ashram Youth Committee



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