Our New Building!


Geeta Ashram Malaysia (GAM) in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, is dedicated to the holistic development of all with an emphasis to strengthen one’s character, values and actions through the study and practice of the divine teachings of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. It all began humbly in 1966, when GAM was established by His Holiness Swami Hari Har Ji Maharaj.

Years of faithful service to the well-being of society have left the Geeta Ashram Malaysia building in dire need of a face-lift not only to enhance its aesthetic appearance but more importantly to upgrade and develop the building to promote its suitability in serving its devout members. GAM is currently undergoing renovation as well as restoration to further enlarge the building and to provide more facilities to carry out activities.

Amongst the building renovation plans are as follows:

  • Extending the main hall

    • This will enable the hall as a venue for the hosting of various functions. The new premises will give a further impetus to organize functions on a grander and larger scale.
    • This improvement is particularly important to the youth who require more space to perform as well as cozy seating for the public during celebrations such as the much anticipated yearly Janmashtami.
  • Make available equipped classrooms

    • To provide a conducive learning environment for the students of our Sunday Classes
  • To provide a library for general use

Despite the many efforts and contributions of our community members, we are still a far way off from achieving our targeted funds. The youth of Geeta Ashram Malaysia being aware of the multifold benefits of the extension of the building, have now taken matters into our hands and have come up with a strategy to raise funds to enable the much awaited completion of this project. But of course, to achieve success we need your help! You too can play your part and contribute to this fund raising campaign by working hand in hand with the youth community in our numerous activities.

Below is detailed information on how you can support and assist us in our fund raising campaign.

Send us a donation

  • All donations are gratefully received no matter what the amount
  • Send us a bank draft / postal order / cheque made payable to GEETA ASHRAM MALAYSIA
  • Post it to us at
    Geeta Ashram Youth c/o Geeta Ashram Malaysia,
    Lot #6, Lorong Utara B,
    46200, Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan,
  • Please include your full name, email address (so we can acknowledge receipt quickly) and postal address permitting us to send you an official receipt.

Support our charity bake sale


  • Order delicious, heavenly homemade and fresh cookies and cakes at affordable prices.
  • Delivery services can be provided in selected areas in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Taman Desa, Subang Jaya).
  • For further enquiries on pick-up/delivery, pricing and to order, please email us at gayouth@yahoo.com
  • For more information on our selection and our pricing, click here.

Purchase a handmade card

  • All cards are creatively and purely made by hand.
  • We provide services to make custom made cards based on your preferences. If you have a specific design or idea in mind, do let us know so we can help you out!
  • We can post the handmade cards to you! For more information on our selection and our pricing, click here. Prices are negotiable for our cards! Just drop us an email!

Purchase bookmarks


  • Made with lots of love by our young children!
  • RM 3/bookmark
  • Personalized bookmarks can be made too! Drop us an email : gayouth@yahoo.com

Get our Merchandise!

  • Chapter 12 booklets @ RM 3 each
    These pocket/wallet sized books contain all the verses in Chapter 12 both in Sanskrit and Romanized text, along with the english translations! They are perfect to have with you at all times 🙂

Chap 12 booklet

  • Fridge Magnets with Food Prayers @ RM 5 each
    We have two different fridge magnets – one with Chapter 15 vs 14 and the other Chapter 4 Vs 24 – both these are verses from the Bhagavad Geeta – one should recite as an offering before consuming food. Now, you will always remember to do so as you open your fridge to grab a bite 😉magnet aham magnet brahmarpanam


  • Mantra Stickers  @ RM 1 each or 3 for RM2We have three different important mantras as shown in the pictures – useful to have pasted in your room, cupboards, files etc etc.

    sticker 3sticker 2
    sticker 1

Old Newspaper!

  • Charity begins at home! How about starting a piggy bank and putting all the money from old newspaper sales, old battery sales etc in to the piggy bank – and at the end of the month, donate that to the building fund!

Participate in our upcoming activities

  • Bollywood Night! (before you know it ;))
  • Charity Sales/Bake Sales/Garage Sales (Coming Soon)
  • Fun Run (in the works)

More details coming your way soon.

Our blog will be constantly updated. Do follow us and check us regularly!

We are also open to any form of feedback or suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us at gayouth@yahoo.com

Thank you! 😀


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